In 1996 she experienced Ancient Polynesian, Tahitian, and Middle Eastern dance. Talented Ansuya was the first belly dancer she had seen grace the stage. Further intrigued by performance videos of Gypsy Caravan, Hahbi’Ru, and music by Jeremiah Soto (Solace), she eventually became a part of three different hula halaus while exploring cabaret belly dance in the community. She then studied with Heather Stants, director of the Urban Tribal Dance Company in San Diego. After building a strong foundation in American style belly dance, she developed an understanding for a repertoire of movements and the joy of dancing with others to live music. Her knowledge of improvisation as well as fusion has allowed her to experience sharing the stage with many talented dancers in the scene. Her performances are inspired by theatrics and often include sword, a variety of magic tricks, fire props, finger cymbals and veil. She is the 1st place winner of the La Danse Orientale 2011 (alternative music solo category)!

Lorraine now lives in beautiful Oregon, the Great Northwest- fresh air, tall trees, picturesque skies, and not enough rain! She offers classes in both Portland and Salem locations, and always encourages performance opportunities with all her interested studio dancers.

Her most current project is a collaboration fusion trio “Nagamani”- meaning the gem/pearl on the head of a cobra. Brought together by their love for smooth moves and all things shimmery, Lorraine performs with new dance partners, Joanna Caselli and Heather Hemphill. These three distinctive dancers combine their globe-spanning styles into an aesthetic that is at once sensual, powerful and playful. Nagamani is the 1st place winner of La Danse Orientale 2011 (alternative music troupe category)!!!

May dance continue to be a creative haven for expression of the human spirit.

Studio Troupes:

  • American Tribal Gypsy Dancers, American Tribal Gypsies- Marrillyn Mcdowell Studio of Dance in Long Beach, CA
  • Firefly- World Rhythm and Motion Dance in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Bella Noir, SubLlamas- Ascend Gallery & Studio, Caravan Studio in Portland, OR and Chemeketa College in Salem, OR
  • Amulet Moon- Soma Space in Portland, OR and Chemeketa College in Salem, OR