upcoming workshop offered:

5-7p SAT Open Sesame: Unlocking Sharp and Curvy Swordplay *Joanna Caselli & Lorraine Hanson*

Imbibe in Nagamani’s signature smooth and scintillating tribal style with a wicked hit of sword work. Balancing the sword is only a drop in this cavern of treasures. Learn innovative and dynamic sword techniques wrapped up in fusion combinations that can be adapted for solo, duet, or larger group work. No sword or balancing experience necessary.


past workshops offered:

Perform with Poise Nagamani discussion class- Jamballah NW in Portland, OR

“Whiring like a Dervish” (spins) technique track- Jamballah NW in Portland, OR

Fire with Bellydance-  NW Folklife in Seattle, WA

“Beautiful Curves” (slow moves)- The Wellspring in Woodburn, OR

Fire with Bellydance- Tribal Quest NW

Fire with Bellydance- Tribal Fusion Faire

Tribal Feat combos- Tribal Fest